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Silver Here, sorry this website hasn't been started up yet. Just learning some html here. Thanks to my Friend Liz. Well in time I'll be putting up lots of cool stuff about me and my drawings. Also some links to other cool websites and my friends sites.
Figure i go ahead and upload my art for viewing
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Please e-mail me for tips!!
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Peace out!
-Silver McHowl
ps. This happens to be my first page online!!! How pathetic.... :)
pps. Email me tips, please!!!
pppps. I love you Loraine
ppppps. Here is me in were code WC W(W) [M} d+ pk+ C(s/w) a- m+ p+ (a/t/r) i-! C{C/A/M} s++
Here is the place for the Were code
pppppps. Getting tired of all these post scripts? :)